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Allegretto Vineyard Resort

1. Allegretto Logo

Assignment. The Allegretto Vineyard Resort is a modern Tuscan Renaissance palazzo built around a stone-laid courtyard and surrounded by olive trees and vineyards in the hills of Paso Robles. Our assignment was to translate the vision of Ayres Hotel Group to communicate the graceful beauty and exclusive old-world charm and luxury of the high-end resort to their guests and the public.

3. Allegretto Hero Sign

Approach. We focused on creating a comprehensive ‘period’ branding program that would position the resort as uniquely European with California overtones. In keeping with the historical theme, we used bespoke lettering and hand-drawn images of the resort.

2. Allegretto Illust

The primary type fonts used were Centaur and Arrighi, which are based on fonts originally created in Venice during the Renaissance. The color scheme is subdued, with rich tones. Simple is better.

4. Allegretto Wine group

The branding program covered everything from the primary logotype identity to way-finding signage, bath robes, and spa items.

5. Allegretto Robe

7. Allegretto.Shampoo2

Results. The branding program seamlessly fit the personality of the resort and fulfilled the vision of the founders. The Allegretto has a 89% ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’ rating on Trip Advisor.

8. Allegretto directional signage_2sml

6. Allegretto Bag B

Roll-on perfume packaging debuts stunningly appropriate graphics.

“In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure…
Not standing out is the same as being invisible.”
- Seth Godin

Sarabecca is an artisan craft perfumery making natural fragrances from all-natural plant-based essential oils and fragrance essences, without synthetics, animal ingredients, or testing.


Our re-design assignment was to come up with a fresh, new look for their natural spray floral fragrances which were competing in a very crowded product category. In addition, the package had to primarily appeal to millennial buyers shopping at Whole Foods and other natural products stores.

Starting from scratch, the team at MOI identified key strategic visual cues that would both attract and alert the target consumer to the varied product scents. Using close-ups of vivid floral illustrations of the flowers associated with each fragrance, the unified line presents a unique and appealing face to consumers. New York-based illustrator Yana Beylinson was tapped to create vivid floral illustrations of the flowers associated with each fragrance.


The product line debuted to very favorable reviews at the Natural Products Expo trade show and has shown strong and steady sales gains since the redesign. To learn more about this project and others, please visit

How to market Mochi ice cream to consumers.


Bubbies Hawaii got its start over 30 years ago making slow-churned premium ice cream in the Hawaiian Islands. After becoming one of the most popular regional ice creams, it introduced mochi ice cream: a partially flattened sweet rice dough ball wrapped around an ice cream core. Sales took off. To expand their nationwide sales, Bubbies needed to re-design their branding and packaging.

The team at MOI (Mark Oliver, Inc.) found that no brand was doing a decent job of presenting mochi ice cream to the buying public and that a good opportunity existed to stand apart from the crowd. For example, photos or illustrations failed to give the product of any manufacturer appetite appeal. And none showed product or explained what they were in such a way that to a consumer unfamiliar with mochi ice cream would want to try them—unless they were already buying them. That approach does not grow sales.

Sakura 8517_0547 flt__crpd

MOI focused on creating appealing visual images of the 20+ SKUs: various exotic fruits and ingredients made enticing flavor cues. We made a new wordmark that was easily read yet referenced the old. The team used classic type faces, an easy-to-understand explanation of what a mochi was, and added plenty of white space to focus attention on the hero shot, completing the identity lockup for Bubbies. The new design re-positioned Bubbies mochi ice cream as visually appealing and a decidedly upscale dessert and treat.

BBH old pkg