“In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure…
Not standing out is the same as being invisible.”
- Seth Godin

Sarabecca is an artisan craft perfumery making natural fragrances from all-natural plant-based essential oils and fragrance essences, without synthetics, animal ingredients, or testing.


Our re-design assignment was to come up with a fresh, new look for their natural spray floral fragrances which were competing in a very crowded product category. In addition, the package had to primarily appeal to millennial buyers shopping at Whole Foods and other natural products stores.

Starting from scratch, the team at MOI identified key strategic visual cues that would both attract and alert the target consumer to the varied product scents. Using close-ups of vivid floral illustrations of the flowers associated with each fragrance, the unified line presents a unique and appealing face to consumers. New York-based illustrator Yana Beylinson was tapped to create vivid floral illustrations of the flowers associated with each fragrance.


The product line debuted to very favorable reviews at the Natural Products Expo trade show and has shown strong and steady sales gains since the redesign. To learn more about this project and others, please visit www.markoliverinc.com